Take the 3 x 5 Challenge for Creating Content at Scale


By Cassie Arnold & Heather Harper

You’ve done it! Your blog and social communities are up and running. You’re beginning to get engagement from key audiences both inside and outside of your company. Now, as your audiences’ interest grows, there is more and more demand for your content. 

But, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep producing and posting the amount of new content that it seems like you need. Creating content at scale is a huge challenge for maturing marketing and social media teams.  


While there are many potential ways to tackle this problem, one easy place to start is first to examine whether you are getting the most out of the content you are already creating. Scaling your content production does not have to mean writing and designing more and more brand new pieces. 

Any good content asset should have at least three uses. You’ve put in effort to create value added information, so why not make sure it’s getting the leverage it deserves?


Repurposing and reusing content not only helps you publish more frequently. It also allows you to truly connect with your audiences. We as humans are naturally programmed to not remember a significant portion of the information we encounter, according to Hermann Ebbinghaus’ research on the Forgetting Curve. We can help our audiences overcome the Forgetting Curve by repeating our content and delivering it across different formats and channels. 

There is also the reality that some content items only reach a limited audience. That panel you moderated may have been great, so why not summarize it into a blog post for the folks who weren’t in the room? Your Twitter followers probably don’t include everyone on your mailing list, so an email blast of that report you just tweeted about makes sense. 


To assess whether you are really getting leverage out of the content you’re creating, take our 3x5 Challenge. See if you can unlock 3 additional uses for each of your most significant existing content pieces through the 5 challenges below.

1.    Make the old new again: Find 3 pieces of content you can republish in some way during the next several months. This might mean pushing out a straightforward series of social posts to attract more attention to an existing blog post. Or, you may be able to reintroduce an existing educational article or opinion piece by slightly recasting the introduction to tie it to current events. 

2.    Publish across channels: Look back and make sure that you’ve cross-posted every significant content piece across all of your social and digital channels. It should be easy: reformat content from your whitepaper into a series of tweets; rework your last presentation as a blog; or send your email contacts a link to a blog post.

3.    Go visual: Check to see if you’ve missed opportunities for visualization. Are there older, yet still relevant topics for multimedia content production that could inform an infographic or a short video?

4.    Make it bite-sized: Do you have a longer piece of content you’ve created recently that can be divided and republished in a series of short posts? Our friends at DADA posted about the benefits of breaking down a larger videointo multiple shorter length videos to really leverage the work.

5.    Make it longer: Try the opposite of the bite-sizing approach. Gather your previously published content on a particular subject and repackage it into an ebook. You can promote that book or guide over several digital channels and even use it to generate leads.

Take the 3x5 Challenge and see if it helps you scale your content production.